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E.M.E. provides crating and packaging services to clients across Montreal, Quebec, and internationally. We are the experts in crating, containerization, vacuum packaging and shrink wrapping for export or long-distance shipping.

Our crates are custom designed to your exact specifications, and our vacuum packaging or shrink wrapping ensures the protection of your goods and equipment. Call us today at 514-634-3466 for a custom crate or packaging estimate or use our contact form and an E.M.E. representative will contact you.

The skilled crating professionals at E.M.E. ensure all of your crating needs meet the highest standards. E.M.E. fabricates only custom crates for all machinery and equipment that is destined for overseas shipment, by airfreight, containers or break bulk shipments. All crating is done in strict accordance with international industrial and military specifications.


We also do packaging and crating at customers site. E.M.E. has three  mobile units, no need to send the goods to us,

we will come to you.

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