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Emballages Montreal Express knows that for your shipments heading overseas, there's a lot more involved than just loading a container. That's why we are the containerization experts for all types of freight and cargo heading abroad, with a specialization in heavy machinery. For large equipment or industrial machinery, companies turn to us for our loading and containerization expertise.

Proper container loading and bracing are critical to the safe arrival of your product. Our crew ensures that your equipment and machinery is properly weighed, loaded, blocked, braced and secured to withstand all possible road, rail and sea movements.

Our facility is in Chateauguay, Quebec (near Montreal), and is close to rail, ports, airfreight and major transportation systems.

Our facilities are state-of-the-art and we can load and transfer any type of cargo or freight – large or small. With one 38,500 kg overhead crane, a forklift with an 33,000 lb. capacity and another with an 11,000 lb. capacity, we've got your business covered.

Call us today at 1.833.343.9666 for container loading and transfer information, or use our contact form and a representative will contact you.

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